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Let Mary Groll Marketing Take You to the Next Level.


Strategic Marketing Plan
Through careful analysis and innovative thinking, we create a marketing plan that eliminates the haphazard and provides you with precise strategies and effective materials to maximize your potential. Mary Groll Marketing uses any or all of the public relations and advertising tools below to grow your business through cumulative marketing.

Branding/Logo Design/Identity Packages
Mary Groll Marketing works with you to formulate your brand. Then, starting with logo design, we create an identity package that leaves its imprint on every single representation of your organization--tag lines, business papers, electronic communications, marketing pieces, internal communications, signage. We cultivate consistency that builds brand recognition and loyalty.

Website Design
Our user-friendly architecture, creative design and crisp, clear text make your website a powerful reflection of who you are. For start-ups, Mary Groll Marketing establishes a strong internet presence that introduces you to your public. For existing businesses, we take your website current to reenergize your present and potential client base. To ensure that it is search-engine friendly, Mary Groll Marketing provides keyword enrichment and custom-written title tags and description tags. Your website will build credibility and attract business.

News (Press) Releases
Are you launching a new product or service, having an event, bringing on new personnel? Mary Groll Marketing creates attention-getting news releases that give you the credibility of the publishing media without the cost of advertising.


We take you to today’s online marketplace with a steady stream of e-mail that captures the attention of your public and creates cumulative impact for your brand. With meticulously crafted text and graphics, Mary Groll Marketing enables you to promote sales, products, services, coupon offerings, or even personnel. We help you grow your business.

Social Media Strategies
Social media gives you unlimited, free access to your former, current and potential customers. It can be a catalyst to explosive growth. But having a Facebook or LinkedIn page means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it. Mary Groll Marketing gives you the strategies you need to create a buzz for your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.      

Brochures/Direct Mail
Whether it’s as simple as a post card or as complex as a multipage fold-out brochure, Mary Groll Marketing produces innovative marketing pieces that deliver your message and get results.

Leave it all to us. We do the interviewing, event coverage, products/services highlights, and special-interest stories. Mary Groll Marketing keeps you in touch with your audience.

Print Advertising
Mary Groll Marketing creates results-driven ads and strategically places them to get the biggest bang for your buck.                

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